She already knows how to use IDMS and doesn't even know it!

Executive Summary

Executives having substantial investments in IDMS applications are constantly looking for ways to make their company and organization thrive.  There are challenges.  Technology seems to be evolving at a faster pace than ever before.  Most importantly, your users are pressing you to take advantage of newer technologies.  The pressure can build to the point where less-than-optimal decisions get made.

One example of such a decision, is "We are going to get off the mainframe and IDMS, no matter what it takes."   Does it really seem like the best thing to do is to stop doing ANYTHING for them while you attempt a migration?  Maybe.  But what if you have a way forward.  One that allows you to integrate your IDMS systems with the latest technologies, without compromise.

Let's explore the issues and solutions:


 Issue Approach 
It has been difficult to integrate IDMS with the latest technologies

Until now, the "latest" technologies always seemed to require a relational database and IDMS is not relational.  The good news is that relational is no longer required for effective integration.  We use XML to directly integrate IDMS systems with SOA and Cloud Computing technologies. The industry is moving in this direction.  You should too.

How will I support my legacy applications?

The first thing you need to know is that you are not alone.  There are hundreds of organizations that still use IDMS. CA is not abandoning the product and neither are we. There is a need and we are part of the solution!

At ObjEx we have created a center of applied expertise that you can draw on now and in the future.  We can provide the services you need.  This includes outsourcing DBA activities and application maintenance.  We can publish data with changing current applications.  And we can help you recruit and train new talent.  If you worry about your ability to support your current applications you should call us.  We can help

I keep hearing that IDMS is dying.  What do you know that we don't know?

Those who say IDMS is dying may not have all the facts.  It's true that a number of organizations have left IDMS.  However, there are still several hundred large organizations who are heavily tied to IDMS.  Why they are still tied is the question.

The simple answer is that it hasn't been feasible.  When relational became all the rage, those that could easily switch did.  For the most part this meant there was a commercially off-the-shelf application they could use.  The lion's share of attrition occurred during the Y2K period when some companies succumbed to fear, and used uncertainty and doubt to justify their big switch.

Many organizations, like you, have substantial investments in their IDMS applications.  Most will keep going until their line management and users believe that the application no longer supports the business.  You and your peers need ways to evolve.

Why ObjEx?

We can solve every IDMS problem that you may encounter.  We possess a modern set of tools, interfaces and expertise that is ready to go now.  We lower your TCO and keep your organization up-to-date and in the game. It's that simple.

ObjEx  is the way forward for IDMS

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