What you can do with ObjEx Products

ObjEx offers three products that offer a way forward for organizations that use IDMS.  In short, with ObjEx, there is no integration or modernization project that cannot be done.  Your existing applications can use web services and they can offer web services.  Any .NET, Java or C++ applications that you create, build or acquire can use IDMS  can retrieve and update IDMS directly or they can call IDMS services  as web services.  You can trigger events based on updates that occur in IDMS and you can replicate data from IDMS to relational, or the other way around.

Here are the products:

XMLQuery...real-time reading and updating of IDMS databases from .NET, Java or any web service client. 

Program Call...Call any IDMS program, ADS or DC as a web service.  Call web services from any IDMS or batch program.

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