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Play this video, read this page, and contact us. Learn how ObjEx rapidly enables your legacy applications to play in the cloud.

Successful Modernizations

Global Tier 1 Automotive Supplier

This multi-billion dollar company processes millions of transactions per day through web services facilitated by ObjEx software. Transactions flow to and from Tier 2 suppliers, distributors, retails stores and span virtually every business process in the company. Over 220 different API calls are implemented in 20 different APIs.

Large US Insurance Company

This company replicates its entire IDMS database content to their Oracle Operational Data Store in near real-time. The replication is bidirectional and the data is used by production Oracle and IDMS applications allowing each to compliment the other.

Offer Web Services 

IDMS DC programs and ADS Online dialogs can now host SOAP web services.

Resuse the business rules you have locked away in ADS Online and DC COBOL!

Call Web Services

IDMS DC programs and ADS dialogs are now able to call SOAP web services.    

Access intranet and internet web services directly from your legacy applications!

Push events from IDMS

Use ObjEx trigger technology to invoke web services without changing existing applications.

Make your legacy applications run on internet time!            

Contact Us

ObjEx, Inc.
PO Box 25608
Scottsdale, AZ, 85255-5608

Phone: +1 (480) 588-7776


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About ObjEx

ObjEx was formed in 2000 by former employees and executives at Cullinet Software and Computer Technologies. Before formation, our founders had been building custom IDMS integration systems for various clients. We noted that client requirements were very similar and decided our clients would be better served by a software solution rather than custom middleware.