ObjEx Triggers for IDMS

Capture changes to your IDMS databases and call web services or publish to IBM MQ

Capture changes to your business entities without changing existing applications!
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ObjEx Triggers for IDMS

Captures changes to IDMS records, recognizes business entity changes and publishes altered entities, without altering existing programs!

This is the next generation of our database trigger product.  Captures and publishes business and database events, and data, without altering existing programs

Key facts

  • Captures detailed changes to IDMS at the record level within transactions
  • Transforms detailed changes into business events, e.g., "a sales order has been changed"
  • Eliminates duplicate business events within a given time period
  • Publishes the business events by calling a web service or pushing the entity to IBM MQ


  • Enhance IDMS integration without changing hundreds of programs, i.e., to publish all changes to sales orders without triggers would require you to alter every program in the application to make a web service call when it changes a sales order.
  • Maximum flexibility
  • Target ADS Online, DC-Cobol and Batch
  • Publish change notifications in near real time
  • Pass database changes to IBM MQ queued or subscribe and publish distribution
  • Definition-based message construction


  • Database triggers
  • Quick save detail to IBM MQ
  • Duplicate elimination and business entity recognition
  • Business entity extraction and publication IBM MQ or web service calls
  • Very high performance
  • IBM MQ queue depth monitoring

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