ObjEx Program Call for IDMS

Easily Create and Deploy Web Services for IDMS

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Code Generation

ObjEx Program Call

Offer and Consume Web Services from IDMS

Using ObjEx Program Call for IDMS, Java and .NET programmers can invoke ADS Dialogs and DC-Cobol Programs from the network.  Conversely, ADS Dialogs, DC-Cobol, and batch programmers are able to call web services from the mainframe.  This product transforms data between XML and mainframe working storage as needed.

Key facts

  • Uses a Designer to define the web service itself, emitting WSDL and sample programs
  • Mainframe developers do not need web service expertise. They modify the sample programs as needed by the application
  • .NET and Java engineers do not need IDMS or Mainframe knowledge. They use the generated WSDL file to create servers and clients as needed
  • Our proxy, a J2EE servlet gateway, marshals and transform messages. It is deployable to the mainframe, the local network, and the cloud


  • Empower CA IDMS applications to offer web services
  • Allow Java and .NET applications to interact transparently with IDMS applications
  • Target ADS Online, DC-Cobol and Batch
  • Reuse business rules embedded within IDMS application programs
  • Simple and straightforward interface
  • Definition-based message construction


  • Program Call Definition Design Tool
  • Fully automated XML transformation for inbound and outbound messages
  • Simplifies the programming task with WSDL and mainframe code generation
  • Offer or consume web services any IDMS DC language, e.g., ADSO, ASM, COBOL, PL/1
  • Allows z/OS batch programs to consume web services
  • WSDL facilitates client and service endpoint generation
  • WSDL and SOAP allows for flexible integration
  • Lightweight mainframe footprint
  • Highly scalable lightweight J2EE proxy deployable using WebSphere, J2EE or Docker

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