ObjEx for z/OS

Near Realtime Replication from IDMS to Relational, or anywhere

Without Changing Your Application Programs
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ObjEx for z/OS

Combine ObjEx Triggers, Custom Extraction, and IBM MQ, to push IDMS data to relational databases

Key facts

  • Replication requirements vary business by business. This product is package of software and services customized to meet your enterprise objectives
  • IBM MQ is a key component of the solution. Trigger events fire extraction programs that send content to IBM MQ opening a myriad of options
  • One place to send it is the ObjEx Relational put away component which stored the data in relational databases


  • No program changes. Avoid the time and expense required to change many application programs
  • Replicate IDMS data to your data warehouses in near real time
  • Feed IDMS content to your existing WebSphere and IBM MQ infrastructure
  • Capture all changes, online, batch and local mode
  • Don't roll your own. Leverage 22 years of ObjEx experiencing creating, supporting and monitoring mission critical replication implementation

Use Cases

  • Feed data warehouses
  • Use relational full text search to search IDMS content
  • Push notifications to B2B and B2C partners
  • Relational Reporting Tools
  • Digital dashboards
  • Provide IDMS data to web sites, no batch window constraints

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